R&D Service

SoftwareWorks institue of technology develpment division (referred to as “SIT” ), is a core department which is responsible for technology research and project incubation, SIT undetakes R&D tasks for our entire company, and also provides R&D supports for the incubation projects (companies) which are invested by SoftwareWorks. SIT has a group of experts in multiple industries such as Internet Applications, AI and Modern Agriculture, it also has established a long-term stable relations of cooperation with well-known universities and scientific institutions at home and abroad, that could guaranteed its R&D strength for new technologies and products.

Innovation Service

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Singtis is a brand responsible for technological innovation services under SoftwareWorks. It owns multiple projects such as TECH.CLUB, IPCN Intellectual Property Network ( IPCN.CN ) and HUIRONGZI.COM ( Product ) sub-brands provide customers with professional technological innovation services in multiple dimensions such as technological innovation, intellectual property rights, and investment and financing consulting services.  

Singapore Technological Innovation Services Group ( referred to as “Singtis” ) is a technology innovation service company co-sponsored by Singapore domestic well-known technology companies, venture capital funds and other enterprises, it provides a package of solutions in the fields of office space, technology research and development, innovation service, venture capital and overseas market development for the technology companies of China, Singapore and Southeast Asia.Singapore Technological Innovation Services (Wuxi) Limited is the operating entity of Singtis in China, it is a subsidiary of Jiangsu SoftwareWorks Institute of Technology Limited(referred to as“Singtis). At present, Singtis has operated more than 200,000 square meters of innovative spaces in China, served more than 1,000 technology companies in China, Singapore and Southeast Asia.


Venture Capital

Jiangsu SoftwareWorks Venture Capital Limited (referred to as"SoftwareWorks VC") is an affiliate of Smart Factory Ventures. Focus on investment in technological innovation projects, provide industrial development funds for technology and core teams with industrialization foundation, and provide financial consulting services for subsequent development. At present, the scale of management funds exceeds RMB 2 billion, and the investment directions are intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, new materials, biomedicine, medical equipment,modern agriculture and other fields.

Website Tech.club, Find the best Technology

TECH.CLUB is the world’s leading innovative technology database. Through intelligent mining, integration, matching and analysis of technical information and data, it builds bridges and ties between technology and industry, helping companies to develop innovatively and accelerate the industry’s acceleration , Committed to creating a one-stop technical consulting and incubation service provider.

IPCN Intellectual Property Network (IPCN.CN) is a one-stop intellectual property service platform under TECH.CLUB. By building an online and one-stop intellectual property service system, it focuses on providing customers with trademark registration, patent search, and patents. Professional services such as analysis, patent early warning, patent layout, copyright registration, and intellectual property project consulting can enhance the value of intangible assets of enterprises and escort their technological innovation.

HUIRONGZI.COM) is a project brand of Smart Factory, which focuses on providing investment and financing consulting services to clients, and provides comprehensive counseling and support for entrepreneurs in professional fields such as equity structure design, BP production, and project roadshows.